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    The members started out as trainees under Fantagio i-Teen, a rookie talent development program under Fantagio Entertainment, and were known as i-Teen Girls.

    In 2015, i-Teen Girls members Kim Do-yeonChoi Yoo-jung, Lua, Lucy and Elly (as well as former trainees Chu Ye-jin and Lee Soo-min) had numerous cameos in label mates Astro's predebut online web drama To Be Continued.[citation needed]

    Elly (as Jung Hae-rim), Choi Yoo-jung, Kim Do-yeon, and Sei (as Lee Seo-jeong, then under LOUDers Entertainment) competed in the Mnet survival television program Produce 101, which aired from January 22 to April 1, 2016. Choi Yoo-jung and Kim Do-yeon were ranked in the final top 11 contestants and debuted in the project girl group I.O.I.[2]

    On July 6, 2017 Fantagio revealed that their new girl group would be called Weki Meki.[3]

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